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"Modern Tennis Instruction" for sale- Limited Collectors Edition- A Historical Guide to Play Your Best Tennis- Called a Parents Guide to Good Instruction

Updated: Jan 27

500 Hardbacks, highest quality paper to ensure preservation for collectors, numbered 1 - 500 individually. Numbers 1 through 10 are reserved to raise money for charity or for tennis institutions, so I took #500. It has nearly 200,000 words, with something for parents, coaches and tennis fans. It is the history of instruction. This was a group effort; I spoke with over 1000 coaches over the 18 years of research, and reviews are better than I dared hope for.

Parents and grassroots coaches will benefit the most. First come, first serve. If you want a specific number, ask. Free shipping if purchased in US by Jan 31st. Chuck Tomlin wrote two chapters introducing the Congruent Tennis Model after I objectively identified him as the most innovative tennis instructor of the 21st century. After discussions with Chuck, Johan Kriek, a two time major winner, wrote the foreword. Our eminent Tennis Historian Richard Hillway wrote an article just for this book.

Lots of lost tennis history that proves today's best players follow concepts known and taught a century ago; only today, they do it with more amplitude and intensity. The buggy whip forehand used by Nadal was taught in a 1904 book better than today's "experts" IMHO. The lost black tennis history uncovered shows that it likely was a black female coach who first introduced Brandi and Richard Williams to teach Venus and Serena their open stances and powerful style. It is arguable the first modern tennis coach may have been the first woman to graduate from Yale and Harvard when she wrote a book in 1894. The photos on the cover and in the book tell their own story.

$75 stateside shipping free through Jan 31). It's 9" x 12" in this special edition high gloss hardback..The blank page at the front of the book ua signed by myself and/or Chuck Tomlin, and we will customize the signatures per your request, or you may leave it blank. Venmo: @john-carpenter-107 or Zell: 805-200-6106 (my cell) or PayPal: or contact me at my email or my cell 805-200-6106 if questions. WhatsApp is 805-200-6106.

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