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Welcome to the Congruent Tennis Community

A cutting edge perspective on tennis

Welcome to Congruent Tennis Community, a place to discuss the game, tennis instruction, and join the crowdsourced mission to resolve any conflicting information.

What is The Congruent Tennis Community about?

Our Philosophy

The Congruent Tennis idea was born out of two goals that we refer to as ‘Dual Objectives’. One is to discover harmony between conflicting types of tennis instruction by developing a higher resolution assessment of how elite tennis is played.  The second idea is to provide a diverse, comprehensive, and harmonious array of instruction material in service to the most ignored segment of the tennis community. We realize parents, coaches, players, and other members of the grassroots tennis community are the most critical element in the effort to grow and improve tennis. We seek to be an open-door source of the cutting edge tennis information for all who love this game!

However, we're not only interested in sharing what we know. We also want to learn from the community. We plan to do this by creating an environment where every voice is valued. We strive to be a ‘bottom up’ type design instead of a trickle down system.  The Congruent Tennis Community is a place where ideas will be discussed on quality and merit rather than by an appeal to authority. In this way we hope to unearth new insights and truths about the game as we provide everyone the ‘opportunity’ to make an impactful contribution. 

It's a collective effort. We can't do it without you. Join our community and contribute to the growth of our valued Tennis Community!


Launch of the Community Video feature

Visit the Community Video section to view the creations of the Congruent Tennis Community

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